Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Planning for 2015

I always wanted to make the new year resolutions precisely so that it will not lost tract and set a clearer picture what are the stuff that left behind and what had i did well.

I have divided it into 4 quarters so that it looks more organize, at least to me.

1.  Exercise at least 150 min per week
2.  Leaving office not later by 7.30p.m.


1. saving for parents CNY angpow
2. Start to survey for master room wardrobe

April - June

1. 80% of bonus save as FD
2. Travel - Patayya/ Chiang Mai / Philippine
3. Invest in PRS - min 1K
4. Family Trip - Hatyai / Macau /

July - Sept

1. Use the increment to buy a saving plan
2. To finish another 2 papers for LOMA
3. Contractual bonus - payment for wardrobe

Oct - Dec

1. Travel - Taiwan
2. Maybank/ CIMB investment plan