Sunday, September 23, 2012

Early Andropause??

Early andropause ? That's what my friend quoted me .. Choi..大吉利市,i'm still young and pok pok chui.

Working life is suck.Work like a cow day in and out. Stepping in office in the morning, work till 9 plus everyday. For what? cleaning shit for others who doesn't appreciate my hard work.

As mentioned in my previous post, i was given responsibilities to handle most of the task in my department, from a to z..serving clients, customers, reply email, running project, clear back log, phone calls, reports. I'm getting tired with all these endless routine job. It makes me feel like i'm alone, no teamwork at all. Boss always wanted me to put them together, spread positive thinking to my fellow colleagues but too bad,that's really a mission impossible.

There are two seniors in my department, in fact they are the one should carry all my job . In reality, they are the one whom my boss asked me to put more attention to. My GOD, who the hell promote them at the first place? i terus terang told my boss, department will go noway if they never changed.

Sometimes i really hate those '老patpat' who thought they can do whatever they want after serving company for a couples of years. Come ON. Serving long doesn't mean a thing if you are not catching up. Wouldn't be shame if a junior asking u a simple question and yet you do not know the answer?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


并不是彪民的die heart fans 但就蛮喜欢他的节目。不造作,深夜的感人故事尤其感动。



Saturday, September 1, 2012


I believe life is full of decision making, right or wrong, that's part of the journey namely life. 
I've made a decision last two weeks that might change my entire life and yet it's only taken me two minutes to decide. Like it or not, it's too late to regret. . I've submitted my visa application and I'm going to new Zealand. Zero knowledge about the country, not even get a job there. Gosh... But I know you are there to iron out everything for me.

Am i going to resign? How long you will be there? Does your parents agreed on this? Will you coming back to Malaysia after that? Have you think wisely that you might need to start from zero when coming back from nz? So many questions came from my best friend, that's only two ppl that knew it thus far. Honestly, I'm panic. I have no idea what my life going tO be. I will leave all these to god. I'm not a risk taker but it's time to move on from my comfort zone. 

I don't need a luxury life but I'm aiming a simple life that able to support my lovely family financially. I keep on praying hard for giving me ambers of time for my father operation fees, two years follow with another, I know I should not be do greedy. It's about the time .