Monday, March 7, 2016

Stressful Week

Last week was one of the stressful week in my life. Went for an assessment in HQ follow by accompany Dad to fix his heart operation date in UMSC.

Assessment in HQ most likely failed because not perform well especially in presentation part but well, we will never know what happen next. Kinda intensive assessment with group discussions, presentations, interview and some paper assessment. No matter successful or not, honestly i don't really care. Was nervous because it was assessed by HR and this will indirectly given impact for my future career assessment. I always believe if we are working hard, this can be seen .

Accompanied dad went to UMSC last Thursday, the whole process kinda challenging, i was super nervous but thank GOD, the Dr super nice and profesional. Trying his very best to explain the operations procedure to me and he was shocked when i asked some medical procedure, He thought i'm a  nurse.

Surgery appointment fixed on 16 August 2016. Gosh, this is 14 of july in chinese calendar. Well, i'm not superstitious but damn worried after got to know the date. Pray hard but i'm confidence you gonna be fine.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai 2015 - Part 1

Stayed at Dursit Princess Hotel, a 4 star hotel which managed by 5 star management, well, it is a walking distance to the night bazaar and most importantly MCD, Burger King, starbuck,7-11 are along the way.That's extremely important to us as breakfast not included in our stays.

Personally think that this trip will be better if we make it to 5 days 4 nights instead of 3 nights.Reached hotel about 3p.m, after settle down, we straight away go to the counter buy for the day tour for the next two days. After so many visits to Thailand, i was well trained in barging and the agency tour staff are finally agreed with the price of RM280 for 2 days tour which i found it very cheap.

On 16 Sept , driver picked us at hotel lobby in the morning, it took us four hours to reach Chiangrai. Along the way, we were stopped at hot spring for side seeing before heading to the famous white temple . I was amazed by the structure of the white temple. one of the MUST visit place in Chiang Rai. We also visited the private museum which namely black museum, long neck village and golden triangle .


舅母昏迷两天就走了, 幸好在昏迷前还来得及见孩子最后一面.



望着桌上舅母的照片让我体会到,人往往花太多时间在工作上,总有一大堆的烂借口,忙工作 ,忙升职,忙家庭,忽略了家人.当把所有东西给忙完以后,可能双亲已不在了.


Sunday, May 17, 2015







Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thailand SUPER FAN

My next destination........Chiang Mai

After Chiang Mai, that's only Ko Samui left . That means i've covered all of the famous places in Thailand namely Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ko Le Pih, Phuket, Krabi...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Planning for 2015

I always wanted to make the new year resolutions precisely so that it will not lost tract and set a clearer picture what are the stuff that left behind and what had i did well.

I have divided it into 4 quarters so that it looks more organize, at least to me.

1.  Exercise at least 150 min per week
2.  Leaving office not later by 7.30p.m.


1. saving for parents CNY angpow
2. Start to survey for master room wardrobe

April - June

1. 80% of bonus save as FD
2. Travel - Patayya/ Chiang Mai / Philippine
3. Invest in PRS - min 1K
4. Family Trip - Hatyai / Macau /

July - Sept

1. Use the increment to buy a saving plan
2. To finish another 2 papers for LOMA
3. Contractual bonus - payment for wardrobe

Oct - Dec

1. Travel - Taiwan
2. Maybank/ CIMB investment plan

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to myself

Celebration of this year was slightly different compared to years before, coz i was in Bangkok. This was the third time to Bangkok in 2014, kinda crazy but with different gang of friends. Why not!
I started to acknowledge the facts that travel mate really part of the consideration of the journey of travel.

Honestly, the third time was sucks. I personally think that it will be more fun if i go alone, can you imagine that extend of my travel mate. I mean, i don't expect a perfect travel mate that will go for whatever i want, i don't mean that. I need a travel mate who is understand, willing to work things out, compromise. I personally believe that each of every individual does have their own Do and DON'T, we need to figure it out to the best level to make everybody happy, afterall, travel should be something fun and relax.

I do have my own basic requirements when go to travel. To me, hotel is the most important, it has to be clean at least, not necessary cheap but within the range that acceptable. I don't really go for luxury food for every single meal but local food is a must and if budget allow, i will go to one of the classy restaurant as an ending of the journey. Other than that, i'm fine . I don't think i'm a bad travel mate but i really annoyed by those calculative type of person that every single movement need to be the cheapest. Come on, it doesn't make a different by saving 'cents' per say.

Well, the conclusion is , i had a bad travel mate for my birthday trip. But HuaHin such an amazing place that undeniable beautiful, gorgeous scenes that we should visit at least once in our life time, but get ready your sunblock, kinda hot!