Monday, March 7, 2016

Stressful Week

Last week was one of the stressful week in my life. Went for an assessment in HQ follow by accompany Dad to fix his heart operation date in UMSC.

Assessment in HQ most likely failed because not perform well especially in presentation part but well, we will never know what happen next. Kinda intensive assessment with group discussions, presentations, interview and some paper assessment. No matter successful or not, honestly i don't really care. Was nervous because it was assessed by HR and this will indirectly given impact for my future career assessment. I always believe if we are working hard, this can be seen .

Accompanied dad went to UMSC last Thursday, the whole process kinda challenging, i was super nervous but thank GOD, the Dr super nice and profesional. Trying his very best to explain the operations procedure to me and he was shocked when i asked some medical procedure, He thought i'm a  nurse.

Surgery appointment fixed on 16 August 2016. Gosh, this is 14 of july in chinese calendar. Well, i'm not superstitious but damn worried after got to know the date. Pray hard but i'm confidence you gonna be fine.

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